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Living in London

To answer some basic questions and to clarify general issues in advance, we have compiled some essential information for your stay in London concerning the following:



Here are a few answers to frequently asked questions which may help you get a little bit of background information.

Because many requirements and issues depend on the individual form of accommodation, specific questions and answers are organised according to housing category and can be found there.

In general, please take note of the following:

  1. You will need one or more adapters for British sockets / power outlets  for all your foreign electrical equipment. These can be bought right at the airport upon entering the UK, but you will find that most corner shops will sell them as well, in case you forget to bring one.

  2. Please do not forget your valid travel documents such as passport, ID card and your travel tickets!

  3. Your monthly costs (rent, monthly ticket and basic supplies) in London will be at least £ 800 -  £ 1000. This should definitely be taken into account for your final calculations. How expensively or cheaply one manages to get by varies from person to person and their lifestyle.