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Sarah W., Host Family

Student Housesharing helped Sarah to successfully move to another host. Sarah's Feedback:

>>I just moved out of my current accommodation. Handing over the keys went smoothly, both with the former landlady and with the new one. The new homestay is awesome and we discussed everything concerning internet bandwith and there are no problems to be expected, because she has a broadband contract without any limited data usage. There's enough heating in the room and I really like the pets here. I know that everything will turn out for the better now. My new landlady is really nice and I'm really looking forward to spending the next two weeks there.

I'm really grateful for everything you've done to help me. And I will never forget it and I will always appreciate it.<<

Caroline S., host family

>>Very friendly and helpful throughout the placement process. Every question has been answered quickly and the options of the host families offered have been awesome. All of them were close to the area of my work. I can only recommend SHS to you ! <<

Marvin M., host family

>> SHS was an unknown service to me until I booked my accommodation in London with them. A few days before my flight to London my host family cancelled my room (I previously booked with homestaybooking) and I needed a new accommodation immediately. On a post in Facebook I was advised to try I sent my request in the morning, in the afternoon I got a phone call and in the evening I had eight different accommodation offers, which fit my budget, my preferred area and everything else I wished to have. That's what I call a customer-oriented and client-friendly service. After I chose my favorite host family, I got a confirmation the same evening saying that I could live with them. It didn't even take ten hours and my accommodation problem had been solved. 

A commendable young company, which takes every wish of their clients into account. Nice service, nice offers and a very friendly team - I would definitely recommend them!! <<


Isa K., host family

>>I am so thankful that you found an accommodation for me in just a few hours.I already noticed after a few days of searching online for accommodations that you have to be wary of fraudsters. I was presented the pictures of allegedly different accommodations but the pictures showed exactly the same one property.

That was the reason why I decided to get in touch with a professional agency - SHS. I couldn't believe that your service was completely free, but it really was!

The Goethe-Institut, my internship place, recommended SHS to me. My accommodation and my host parents exceeded all my expectations. I also think it is a great idea of SHS to organise student get-togethers with other interns in London so you have the chance to meet new people there and last but not least: the Musical Events. Tomorrow, I'll be attending "Billy Elliott" and I am already so exited.<<

Julia F., student accommodation

>>Very nice customer care and smooth placement process concerning my current accommodation in London - apartment hunting made simple!<<

Lea W., host family

>>First I looked on and for accommodations, but I can only advise against using these pages. The chance of being taken advantage of is very very high. KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF!!

SHS saved me in my time of need. They placed me in a big and clean room with a very nice host family with whom I felt safe. Despite the urgency, the quality of my accommodation was very good. I was satisfied and felt comfortable.

After the placement I had no problems and felt well looked after. I can contact SHS with any questions. The team is so nice and answers questions very quickly and they always come up with a solution.

Many thanks for my rescue and the outstanding assistance, I can only recommend you most warmly!<<

Kerstin H., host family

>>My first host family was not really a success, everything went wrong there and I felt so uncomfortable.

Through immediate contact with SHS I got so much support and help and all the nice team members tried everything possible to get a new accommodation for me, which worked out very quickly. You only realise how much you are in need a professional placement agency when you're hard up. And this agency stands up for you in every situation - like in my case - and I was so happy that I had found SHS!

Every Team member did everything to help me and I am so grateful. My accommodation was so nice and clean and comfortable.Maybe my experience is not really representative for the countless accommodations  that people get a place in, but if needed I one I would use the help of SHS again. SHS is always there for you!

Through SHS my stay in London was a great and lovely experience!! Thank you so much!!<<

Selina A., host family

>>The placement was taken care of very quickly and I felt I was in good hands and I was welcome to call or mail SHS with any questions. 

My room at my host family was really pretty and my host parents were so nice. They always took care of me and I felt really comfortable.<<

Annika S., host family

>>Apart from the housing agency, Student Housesharing also provides good possibilities to meet new people and socialize.

Besides the monthly get-together, SHS also offers other options for different events (e.g. musicals, etc.)

It's a comfortable option for an awesome start living in a foreign city.<<