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Host Families - Your Home away from Home

Location of some of our host families

By staying with a host in London, you will be sharing a household with friendly local people in a familial atmosphere. You will live, eat and improve your language and social skills in the process by engaging them in every-day conversation.

By comparison, host families are the most cost-effective option to live in London. Most of our hosts offered are located in Zones 2 to 4, predominantly North and West. However, we can offer some hosts in the East and South. In general, twin and single rooms are available when staying with a host family, but many hosts tend to accept only one guest at a time.

Our Promise of Quality

Just like a potential new employee, our host families have to go through an assessment process. This serves to determine whether the family is suitable for housing a guest in their home.

Household members will be screened for previous legal offences and the rooms offered and the property itself will be assessed as well. Our partners frequently visit the families and houses in person to ensure continuing quality housing.

Furthermore, host families are contractually bound to treat you well and help you with questions. If you for example booked a full-board meal plan with your accommodation, you can get breakfast, a lunch bag for the day and supper in the evening every day.The families will always take your needs and wishes into account. As a vegetarian, for example, you will not be served meat or fish if you previously said not to during booking.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, self-caterers can make use of the kitchen facilities in the household and prepare their own meals. How independently you would like to live - it only depends on your personal preference!

However, please keep in mind that the members of the host family are NOT your servants!


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