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Flat Share - Living on Your Own

Location of some of our flat shares

Don't care for host parents, pedantic security and staff in a dormitory or are you simply looking for something that allows you to live as independently as possible? Then a flat share might be just the thing for you!

Financially speaking, a flatshare is located between a host family and a room in a dormitory / student hall, yet it allows for a lot more freedom of choice. While sometimes you might stand in front of the locked doors of a dormitory requiring to contact the night time service, or while you might need to inform your host family about your schedule of going out and coming back, these problems do not occur in a flat share - every flatmate can go out on their own and return as they please.

We offer single and twin rooms in spacious houses.

Most of the flat shares have a common living area and fully equipped kitchens. Bathroom and toilet are shared with the other tenants.The apartments and houses are mainly in Zone 2-4 and are very well connected to public transport.

The following objects are representative examples of host family accommodations we offer. However, we cannot guarantee a placement in these exact objects.

Our Promise of Quality

Size and furniture vary from room to room and according to pricing. However, each room will feature a basic configuration of at least:

  • A bed
  • A wardrobe / wardrobe with dresser
  • A table or desk with a chair

Each property is frequently assessed - particularly with regard to the room to be let, bathrooms and kitchens. In case of bona fide dissatisfaction or other factors leading to unacceptable housing conditions, a substitute housing facility can be provided without additional cost.