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Your accommodation in London

1. Standard

  • Please note that you travel to another country and standards do not always correspond to those of your home country
  • You live in a private family, flatshare or student accommodation
  • Not everything will be brand new. If something breaks in the house it might need some time to fix the damage. However, the host will take care of any upcoming problems and will resolve them as soon as possible.

2. Cleanliness

  • The hosts keep their homes clean and tidy
  • Please do not expect absolute perfection; especially not if there are children living in the house 

3. Bathroom

  • Bathrooms are cleaned regularly
  • However, the guests need to leave the bathroom in the same condition as they found it

4. Noise

  • Please do expect absolute silence in the house when living with a host family or flatmates
  • Hosts and guests need to be considerate of each other

5. Privacy of the host

  • Please respect the privacy of the hosts and do not enter their private rooms