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London - An Ideal City for Students of Every Kind

Location of some of our student halls and dormitories

As a student you have the opportunity to live with 5-6 others in an apartmentEveryone has their own room, while kitchen, living room and bathroom are shared. In addition, many student residences offer one-bedroom apartments, with private bath and kitchen

Living in a student hall has several benefits:

  • Most halls have a 24/7 security service with guards and CCTV
  • The majority are located in the heart of London
  • You can live with your peers and coeds
  • Many offer fringe benefits included in the rent, such as a gym or a swimming pool
  • Oftentimes, there is a designated resident doctor within the facility
  • And much more...

However, you should also be aware of some of the downsides:

  • Very high rent compared to other forms of accommodation
  • Most of the time, a booking has to be made for an entire year or more
  • If staying for a shorter period, rent will be calculated on a daily basis, which results in even higher prices
  • Long waiting periods and official channels if something gets broken, for example
  • You will have to provide a valid certificate of enrolment

Due to recent changes in booking policies of British student residences, please be aware that the minimum stay requirement has been raised significantly. You will have to book your flat or room for at least 42 or 51 weeks, respectively. Therefore, student residences might not be advisable for short-term stay.

To be able to place you in this type of accommodation we need for you to provide us with a current college enrolment confirmation!

Our Promise of Quality

All of our dormitories and student halls of residence are frequently monitored and assessed by our partners or even by the state. All of them have at least on team of janitors, facility management, cleaning, and security service. These teams ensure functionality and good condition inside and outside your room. They are responsible for repairs of furniture, domestic appliances, cables, plumbing, shrubbery as well as other maintenance tasks on the presmises, its floors and communal areas.

The cleaning service can be booked for your own room for a little extra fee. The maintenance crew will arrive on request in order to respond to damages and other disturbances regarding functionality. However, please be patient if facing long waiting periods, as to-do lists are quite long due to the scale of the premises and number of students.