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FAQs Student accommodation London

What do I need to bring with me?
The furnishings etc in the many types of accommodation can vary tremendously. Some have everything from kitchen appliances and bed linen to hand towels, simply everything. Others require you to bing everything with you. Information regarding the idividual offers are in the listed details.

Do I need to pay a deposit?
The question of deposit varies a great deal. Some owners require a deposit, some require rent in advance and other do not require anything in advance.

Are the utilities included?
YES! In the student halls of resident all utility bills are included in the rent.

Are the kitchens and bathrooms shared?
The kitchen is almost always shared with other residents. Depending on the price range, the rooms have ensuite facilities, otherwise they will be equally divided. Some homes offer a good compromise and have their own little washbasin in each room.

Can I do my laundry?
In most of the student halls of residence there are facilities present (washinf machind and dryer). You will generally need to supply your own washing powder etc.

Is ther a cleaning service?
Many offer a weelkly cleaning service and other supply the cleaing material for you do do it yourself. 

Do I have an Internet connection or telephone?
All student halls of residence have Internet (WIFI or Cabel). In general there will not be a telephone supplied. Cheap SIM cards but you can simply order online (about £ 10 per month within GB). 

May I smoke in my room?
Generally NO! In most cases you may smoke outside th ebuilding.

May I have visitors?
Generally yes, but the rules are very different. Some providers do not allow overnight visits, others require a surcharge and some do not charge.

Am I allowed pets?
NO! Pets are not allowed at any time.